Traffic Rider Tips and Tricks (MOD+Unlimited money) 2021

You can be the master of your game by following a few Traffic Rider tips and tricks that I am going to tell you. Sounds cool, right? There is no difficulty to learn these tricks and to use them. It’s much easier than you think.traffic rider tips and tricks

You can extend the time limit of a mission; you can earn more cash. It doesn’t stop here; you can buy new bikes, and you can also win plenty of gold. Are you excited to know these tricks? I know you are getting impatient to know about the tricks. So, your wait over here. Let’s go ahead and make it happen. Here we go!

How to play on PC: Download Free For PC 2021

 Traffic Rider Tips and Tricks

Have some control over controls

It would be best if you had control over the controls provided by the game developers when you start playing traffic rider. Take an in-depth look at every functionality and try to understand how it works?

For example, you should know that you can move your bike to the left or right direction by tilting your phone. The main thing about which you should be aware of the brakes of your motorcycle.

It would help if you had a solid grip on brakes. Because when you are stuck in the junction of traffic on a lane, you will have to use the brakes to stop your bike. All that I am saying is you must have known, how of the controls to avoid accidents.

Earn more cash

Do you want to earn more cash? You might be eagerly waiting to know the trick how could you increase your money. All you have to do is to ride your bike in the opposite direction. Sounds dangerous? No! It’s much challenging and exciting.

Just get it done. This doesn’t end here. However, you have to ride your bike in the opposite direction at a high speed approximately 100kph. Ride at high speed as well as make sure to touch the finishing line to earn big money.

Leave the worry of time behind

It’s essential to complete your mission within the given time frame. In a hurry, you’ll try to ride your bike fast and try to overtake other vehicles. This may result in the crash of your bike. Don’t worry about that.

We have the trick that will help you to extend the time limit of a mission for you. Do you want it? This is a crazy and wondering trick. Let’s get it done. You can beat the required time by racing through checkpoints. When you cross a checkpoint, some seconds will automatically be added to your time limit.

When you will pass by the other vehicles closely at high speed, you will gain 0.1 second extra time approximately. So, All you have to do is ride closer to other cars at high speed (100Kph).

Need more gold

The best thing about this game is it provides many ways to earn gold.  So, you will be able to get gold if you like and follow this game on its social platforms. For example, traffic rider on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

You can also gain gold by subscribing traffic ride’s YouTube channel. However, this game allows you to earn gold by watching advertising video ads on YouTube also. So, it’s your turn now to make it happen.

Quick decisions

You must be clear and focused on your goal. For example, if you will take much time in thinking whether I should turn my bike left, or right? Should I overtake the vehicles or not? Should I ride at high speed or not? By thinking about this type of thing, you might get ruined. So, you have to take quick action to hit the finishing line.

Upgrade or purchase

Although it’s possible to customize the look of your bike by upgrading its handles and brakes etc. However, it’s possible to purchase a new bike also.

If you are very close to purchasing a bike but you are stuck at a hard level, you can go back and repeat the easy levels which you have played earlier. This will help you to increase your money. So, you will be able to purchase a brand-new bike for you. Isn’t it lovely?


Final words

We have tried our best to cover all the tricks and tips that might be helpful to boost your gaming experience and make you delighted to play traffic rider. However, if you have any other tricks that you think can be helpful, then feel free to contact us.

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