Traffic rider 1.3 apk MOD free download 2021[Updated]

Traffic rider 1.3 apk was updated on 07 December 2016. This update contains massive new features.

Traffic rider 1.3 apk

Features of Traffic rider 1.3 apk 

Sound variation
Addition of two bikes
New challenges added
Addition of skip mission option
Increase in number of missions
Addition of HINDI language
Bug fixes

The sound of bikes in this game seems realistic. It gives the feel that the sounds are recorded from real bikes. Moreover, two more bikes faster than previous are available. So, now there are more choices in front of you to choose bikes. Furthermore, this version is more challenging.
You may find it difficult from previous versions. But you will enjoy playing challenging levels.
There is an addition of 10 advanced missions also. That’s why your journey of enjoyment remains continuous for a long time.

Traffic rider apk Free Download 

Do you know in Traffic rider 1.3 apk what’s so special about this version? Let me tell you. Suppose if you are facing difficulty in completing a mission and just stuck there. Then you might look for a magic trick to pass over that mission.

So, traffic Rider developers solved this problem. They added the option to “Skip” a mission if you are unable to complete it. In this way, you can enjoy the never-ending racing gaming without any interruption. Isn’t it cool? So, this feature is going to help you to keep going without any interruption.

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what’s new in Traffic rider 1.3 apk 

What’s more? If we take a look at the languages section, there is an addition of one more language. This version supports the Hindi language now. This feature allows the players to choose their native language if they are not a native English speaker.

In this way, the players can easily understand the game’s instructions by selecting their native language. Moreover, other bugs that were pointed out in previous versions have been removed. So, download this game on your devices and start an endless journey of enjoyment!

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