Technology and our Society: How Changed Our Lives In 2021

From the past few years, technology has revolutionized our lives. Knowingly or unknowingly, all human beings are being affected by technology. Sometimes we use the technology directly and sometimes indirectly. 

 Today’s era is considered the digital age. We are dependent on technology almost in every aspect of life. Technological innovations and inventions have modernized the lives of people. 

It has good as well as harmful effects on society. Society has become more civilized in every aspect due to technology. 

 It influenced the fields of medicine, education, transport, and communication, etc. We will show you the positive and negative effects of technology on human lives. 

Let’s start with the positive aspects.

Positive Effects of Technology In Our Society

As we have mentioned above, that technology has both merits and demerits also. But we should keep in mind nothing could be wrong if we use it wisely. Let’s explore how positively technology has changed our lives.

Improved communication

A time ago, people had to use pen and paper to write letters for communication. It was very time-consuming as it took a lot of time to convey a message to by far friends. 

Now no need to have pigeons take your messages because technology has made it possible to send a message worldwide with just a single click. 

 You can use some apps to stay connected with people. People can use communication apps like Skype, telegram and WhatsApp, etc., to make contact with friends. Moreover, business people can do their business activities through these apps. They can enhance and pursue their business over the globe without any interruption.

 It’s now possible to conduct conference calls and virtual meetings over the internet. Suppose kids are far away from their grandparents. They can make video calls to see them. 

Better Education system

Nowadays, technology makes it possible to get an education at your doorstep. Students can learn any topic from YouTube and Google. If any programmer wants to learn any new programming aspect, he can learn from the internet whenever needed. 

 There is no need to go to libraries to read books because you can get the library on your desktop or smartphone. You don’t need to read printed books anymore; you can read eBooks. 

Moreover, people are facing the deadly disease covid-19. So, most of the educational institutes are conducting online classes. Some of them have made learning management systems apps. Students can log in and take their online courses.

 Further, if any student needs any help, he/she can contact their teachers to get support via email or any other social app. In short, technology has brought worthy changes for the improvement of our education systems.

Quick Transport

If we look back into the past, traveling was not a convenient thing. If someone had to cover miles of distance, probably I took many days to reach the destination. As the means of transportation were prolonged. 

 Nowadays, people can cover hundreds of miles in a few minutes. Technology has revolutionized the field of transport. With the invention of trains, bikes, buses, and airplanes, it has become possible to go anywhere in a short time.

 Moreover, there are many digital ridesharing apps available. If you want to take a taxi or bike for travel, you can log in to the Uber or Cream app and book your vehicle instantly. 

If you are going to travel by air, you can reserve your seat online. It is possible to reserve seats in busses and trains also by using their online terminals. 

Online Payments

A few years back, people had to stand in a row for hours in front of a bank to pay their electricity and gas bills. But now everything has changed. You can pay your bills, fees and make other transactions sitting at your home on your smartphones. It takes just seconds to complete the tasks

Live Streams

It is now possible to watch live streaming of your desired shows on your phone. If you are watching any show on the TV, you may have to sit at one place at a specific time. But if you use the internet, you can watch any stream at any time, anywhere. 

 When people watch and listen to a news bulletin on TV, they have to wait for a specific time. On the other hand, you can open up the internet and get updated news whenever needed within seconds. 

Negative Effects of Technology

Most often, we heard that every picture has two sides. So, technology also has two aspects. We have explored the positive effects of technology, but there are some disadvantages of technology too. Let’s take a glance at the adverse impacts of technology on our society.

 Effects of social media apps

Although social media apps are designed to bring people close to each other, they can have adverse effects; also, people got stuck in their homes. They don’t go outside physically to see their loved ones as they can meet them virtually.

 The excessive use of anything can be dangerous for health. The use of social media apps is much widespread in young adults. They should use it in their spare time. Because if they keep on killing time without any purpose, it will ruin them.


Social networking can influence the mental health of human beings. If someone positively uses social networking, then the chance of depression is not much high. But if we let social networking leave its harmful effects, one can indeed be in depression and anxiety.

So, we should keep balance in everything.

These were some psychological effects of the technology, but there are adverse physical effects also.

For example, people may have to face problems like:

  •    Sleeping issues
  •    Posture problems
  •    Eyesight issue
  •    Headache


We have tried to give you all the information that how technology has affected the lives of human beings. Nothing is terrible if someone uses it with care. By concluding our discussion, we are hoping that you have got all the necessary information.

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