How To Play Traffic rider (Mod+unlocked bikes) free download

Traffic rider mod apk is very easy to play. This game is a very fascinating racing game. But it is not difficult to understand how to play this game.

how to play


 It’s pretty simple to play. When you open the game app, you will see a bike moving on your phone’s home screen.

So, what to do next? Now, you have to touch the screen to start the game. After that, you will see a list of four modes of this game. These modes are career, Endless, Time trial, and Freeride mode.

The first mode that you will play in this game is the career mode. So, you have to start your game from here. When you click on this mode, you will see a vast collection of missions for you. All missions contain detailed instructions that what you have to do in that mission to complete it.

While playing the game, you will see the stats on your screen, like speed, progress, time, and covered distance details. As much as fast you ride your bike, there are more chances to make a fast score.

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Sometimes, you have to overtake other vehicles closely.

This will give you the advantage of getting a high score at a fast speed. The roads in traffic rider mod apk are realistic. Also, the scenery around the roads looks genuine.

You will play this game with immense pleasure because you will not be bored while playing. So, what’s the next step? If you want to move your bike in the left or right direction just, you have to tilt your phone in the right or left direction. It’s super easy, right?

However, you have to be careful while riding your bike close to other vehicles. Because if your bike touches with other vehicles, it will be smashed. And you might be failed to complete your mission and start over again.

On the other hand, if you paly carefully and reach the finish line in time, Congrats! You have completed the mission successfully.

After the completion of your mission, you will see detailed stats of your achievements. As you keep on reaching the next missions, you will have to face more hurdles to touch the finish line. As you know, this is the mod version So, you will find all bikes unlocked.

You can customize your bike’s look or select a new bike from the store at any time. When you complete all the missions in career mode, you will be levelled up.

And your next playing mode, that is Endless mode, begins from here. Just as the previous mode, Endless mode contains a series of challenging missions that you have to complete to reach the next level.

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