Traffic Rider MOD APK 1.70 Download (full Unlocked) 2021

Wanna fly over the sky? You can do it. Simply install Traffic Rider MOD Apk on your phone. Traffic Rider game is a prominent racing game. When you start playing Traffic Rider an endless journey of joy begins. It’s the game that will take your gaming experience to the heights of the sky. It’s very easy and free to download.

traffic rider mod apk

You have the choice to play Traffic Rider online or offline. This game supports the comfort of offline playing too. But if you play online there are more chances of getting rewards. Traffic rider supports all screen sizes. Therefore, you are able to play it on a small screen, large screen, normal screen, or even on an extra-large screen. When you start playing this game, you’ll forget to stop. You can ride your bike as fast as you want. You can pull off your bike from the congestion of heavy traffic. Hence, if you overtake other vehicles on the road your chance of getting high score increases.

Traffic Rider MOD APK Free Download

All of you will be familiar with Traffic Racer. Traffic racer is another masterpiece of the traffic racer team developed by Soner Kara. This game was released in 2015 after that its versions keep on updated. The technique of playing this game is almost identical to traffic racer. You can update Traffic Rider’s older version when new updates come to the store. Its latest version has huge shining features.

Its newer version is totally ads free. It has plenty of stickers in its updated version. You can use them for customizing the look of your bike. The app size has also been reduced. More fabulous and natural graphics have been added. Other bugs that were found in previous versions are removed also in the latest version. This game falls into the racing category.

Traffic Rider MOD Apk Features:

Traffic Rider MOD APK has a lot of features that should be discussed:

Playing Modes

Traffic rider has four modes to play. Career mode, Endless mode, Freeride and Time trial. In Career mode, there is a bulk of missions waiting for you. You will start your game from this mode. Because this is the beginner level of your game. So, you will find many features locked.

So, as fast as you complete hard levels, an immense world of features opens for you. As much as you explore more, you will find more shine in this game. Keep on completing your missions and get more coins and unlimited gems.

traffic rider mod apk download

Let’s talk about endless mode. In this mode, you will see an eye-catching environment. This mode consists of day and night variations setting, highways and natural scenery. As the name shows Time Trial mode has something that follows a time frame. So, you have to complete your mission within the given time limit. In this mode, you will get a lot of rewards.

Have a look into Free Ride mode. This mode allows you to ride freely.  Of course, You can ride as per your own choice. There are no restrictions on how you ride your bike. Get rid of thinking about challenges. Just let your bike hit the roads.


Traffic Rider’s garage has a massive collection of bikes. So, you can purchase bikes from there as per your own choice. You can spend coins to purchase bikes from the garage. Unlimited coins let you purchase the bike of your own choice without any boundaries.

traffic rider mod apk coins

Sound effects

The finest and upfront feature of Traffic rider is the sound of bikes that have been used in it. If you listen carefully, you will feel that sound is recorded from the noise produced by original bikes.

traffic rider mod apk free download


Traffic Rider’s natural environment will never let you be bored. It has eye-catching scenery around the roads.  It has day and night variations. So, you can switch between them when you want.

latest traffic rider mod apk


Traffic rider has an unlimited amount of coins. You can earn unlimited gems and coins by completing missions. As much as you play and complete your missions, this game will give you a lot of rewards. So, as you keep on completing levels you will get a bulk of money and gold.

all bikes unlocked

If you ride your bike at high speed you will earn more coins. On some levels, you will see the letter bonus. Moreover, as fast as you learn the tricks of this game a wide variety of its amazing features will be open for you.


Speed is another aspect that is needed to be considered important. As fast as you ride your bike from heavy traffic you will earn cash speedily. Similarly, if you dare to ride your bike in the opposite direction there are more chances of getting high scores.

unlimited money

If you can perform another fascinating trick Wheelie, you will get a huge amount of cash and make a fast score. Thus, as fast you ride your bike you will see running your score with fast speed on the top of the screen.

Traffic Rider MOD All Bikes Unlocked

The bikes that are used in this game have a realistic and well-designed look. Additionally, you can Redesign your bike for a better gaming experience. You can also modify the look of your bike as per your own choice.

download for pc

Stunning Graphics

The quality of the graphics of this game is outstanding. You will feel as you are playing in a real-life environment. Its graphics give a genuine and natural look. This natural environment will make your gaming experience thrilled.

Traffic Rider Gameplay


Not an English speaker? No worries. Traffic Rider supports almost 19 languages. Developers of Traffic rider made it easy for you to select your preferred language. You can choose your native language from a group of 19 languages. Isn’t it cool?

Latest Version Mod Apk


You can check your achievements and position by just one click. Traffic rider has an online leaderboard. This leaderboard contains the stats about you and other users playing this game. Therefore, it’s easy to examine your position from the leaderboard.

Install Traffic Rider

Repetition of levels

If you want to increase your score, Traffic Rider allows you to repeat the levels which you have played. So, you can repeat easy levels if you want to increase your keys and coins.

Soner Kara

Score details

As you finish your level you will see the details of the score, earned cash, the distance that you covered in the level, and other important stats also. It will show whether you have completed the mission or not.

Traffic Rider Mod Apk Download

Finally, Traffic rider’s latest version 1.70 is now available in the play store with its brand-new features. You can download this game for your PC, Android, IOS, tablet, and iPad. This game is unique and different from others as its very small in size. As the app size is small so, it has the ability of fast downloading. Traffic rider doesn’t require much space on your phone. It’s very easy, safe, and free to download also. Traffic Rider is supported worldwide So, you can use it anywhere in the world. So, Download the Traffic rider mod apk latest 2021 version from the link given below.

How to install Traffic Rider MOD APK
The installation process of this game is pretty much easier. It is the same as you install other apps on your phone. Therefore, you don’t need to have any additional knowledge. By following some simple and easy steps you can install this game.
👉 Once you’ve downloaded this game, the next step is to install it. Simply, go to the Downloads folder on your phone.
👉 Click the Apk file that you have downloaded and proceed to install it. But if you have set your phone’s security for installing new apps, you might be asked to allow the new app to install on your phone.
👉 Once you accept the installation, the game will be installed.
👉 When the installation process is done, you will see a message on your phone’s screen that this app is installed. Isn’t it easy? Go ahead, play the game and have fun!


Game Name Traffic Rider APK
Size 89.6 MB
Installs 100,000,000+
Offered By Soner Kara
Current Version 1.70
Last Update 1day ago

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What changes have the developers of this game made?

Ans: The major change that has been made is that its latest version is ads-free. Now, you can play your game without any interruption.

Is this game supports all devices?

Ans: Yes, this game supports all devices no matter its android, IOS or iPhone. So, no need to worry about it.

Are all the bikes unlocked in the latest version?

Ans: Here’s good news for all the players, all bikes are unlocked in the latest version. Therefore, you can enjoy your ride.

Does this app require a lot of space on our phones?

Ans: The app size is quite small. So, it doesn’t require much space on your device.

Traffic Rider MOD APK easy and free to download?

Ans: Undoubtedly, this game is free to download. You can easily download it.